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Offshore Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms are amongst the worst of industrial areas which suffer greatly from corrosion due to the atmospheric conditions. Steel structures situated above the water in a high corrosion category- classified as C5-M according to ISO 12944-2. Corrosion rate of unprotected steel is typically in range of 80 - 200 μm (3 - 8 mils) per year - for comparison most steel structures placed inland are situated in zones classified as C3 where the corrosion rate is only 25 - 50 μm (1 - 2 mils) per year.

The very high corrosion rates are caused by extended periods of wetness and high concentrations of chlorides that accelerate corrosion.

Another factor that needs to be considered is UV - light from the sun as this may have a degrading effect on some types of corrosion protection. Oxifree TM198 is impervious to UV.

Case Study:

Petrobras BR

Petrobras BR have suffered ongoing corrosion issues with their offshore production assets. Degradation of structures usually due to galvanic and atmospheric corrosion was high, causing a safety risk. Man hours for ongoing maintenance were at an unacceptable level. Oxifree was introduced as a solution to the problem.
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