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Quarrying & Mining

The environment within the mining industry is notoriously aggressive and the effects on all types of machinery is costly in both replacement and downtime. Oxifree can not only protect against corrosion, where the industry annually spend approximately $100 million but importantly, the product is the leading solution available in the market for solving contamination issues.

Oxifree has already completed an extensive product development program in conjunction with industry giants, Vale & Samaco with one of their main concerns in operations being the premature failure of conveyor belt rotating components such as bearing housings which were failing within 6 months of operation due to contamination.

Oxifree coatings were applied to a number of refurbished test bearing housings to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture and the results were outstanding with zero failures after 18 months. This an example of how Oxifree can be used to not only prevent corrosion but protect against erosion on rotating components. Oxifree is now the de-facto coating solution used by vale across it's South American operations for protecting bearing housings.