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Water Utilities

The prevention of corrosion of water supply facilities and systems is of paramount importance to reduce supply interruptions and to maintain the effective use of resources.

With longevity being a key factor in the development of Oxifree (in excess of 20 years protection), water authorities can easily justify the capital investment in Oxifree, ensuring that wherever possible the infrastructure is being protected and ensures longevity with minimal ongoing maintenance.

Key targets are sewerage pumping stations and infrastructure, flanges, valves, inspection panels and many other essential components that are subjected to aggressive corrosion. Corrosion can of course lead to a breach with two consequences, wasted water resources through leaks and contamination.

Water supplies and disposals are obviously a crucial aspect of everyday life around the World and exist in the harshest of environments. Oxifree encapsulation provides corrosion protection against a wide range of environmental and chemical elements ensuring the safe supply of water and carriage of waste.