Oxifree application training
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Oxifree TM198

Oxifree TM198 is an organic polymeric resin coating applied in a fluid state. It can easily be removed when required and is 100% reusable. It contains anti-corrosion substances that inhibit corrosion and penetrate threaded fastenings to stop seizures.

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Polymelt 12 Application Machine

•    Demonstrations
•    Ease of transport
•    Working in confined spaces
•    Restricted access work (i.e rope access)
•    Low cost options for smaller clients

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Polymelt 50 Application Machine

•    Practical material capacity relevant to most applications
•    Size practical for non-specialist transportation
•    Extended options for hose length and pump size
•    Basis for ATEX, Zone 2 Machine

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Polymelt 50 Atex 2-22 Application Machine

The Polymelt 50 ATEX 2-22 was designed to offer the following advantages:

  • Greater levels of sustained working application of the Oxifree TM198 material
  • Work in ATEX Zone 2-22 environments
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