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Polymelt 50 Application Machine

•    Practical material capacity relevant to most applications
•    Size practical for non-specialist transportation
•    Extended options for hose length and pump size
•    Basis for ATEX, Zone 2 Machine
•    Basis for Military Specification Kit which will incorporate tools, spares, PPE, and sample size quantities of Oxifree material.

Operating Temperature: Oxifree_Polymelt_50
10 to 218C / 50 to 425F

Melt Rate (per hour):
10kg/hr / 23Kg/hr / 50lb/hr

Melt Rate (per hour) w/ Option Grid
41Kg/hr / 90lb/hr

Pump Rate per minute:
Piston / 4.5cc Gear =.91Kg / 2lb
Piston / 10cc Gear = 1.8Kg / 4lb

Piston Pump Compression Ratios:

Gear Pump:
4.5cc/rev 1.5, or 10cc

Hose Output Zones:

Maximum Working Hydraulic Pressure:
68 bar (1000psi)

Temperature Control Stability:
�1c / 1F

Electrical Service Standard:
240 VAC 1 Phase or 3 Phase 50/60Hz 380 VAC 3Phase Y 50/60 Hz

Working Viscosity:
500-50,000 cps

Dimensions of Machine

Height (H):
61cm / 24in

Depth (D):
84cm / 33in

Width (W):
35.5cm / 14in

Weight (Empty):
50kg / 110lbs

Hose Length:
24ft standard

Dimensions of Machine mounted in enclosure trolley

Height (H):
109cm / 43in

Depth (D):
121cm / 48in

Width (W):
96.5cm / 38in

Weight (Empty):
173kg / 380lbs

Hose Length:
34ft standard