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orbis_vanThe Management of Orbis has over 60 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering and Marine Sectors. Over that time the team has built up an enviable network of contacts throughout industry Worldwide from which to draw on.

Oxifree coatings have been developed and used extensively Worldwide and enjoys a successful and long standing track record in South America, where the product was developed with industry giants such as Petrobras and Vale.  In the UK alone, Oxifree has been recognised as a significant development for the coatings industry with acceptance across numerous industry sectors from oil and gas to steel manufacturing. These companies recognise the considerable cost benefits available when compared to traditional coating methods.

Orbis is a company dedicated to providing new and specialist engineering solutions. Having the ability to offer its clients this innovative anti-corrosion product which demonstrates its ability to provide clients with technology not readily available elsewhere and to solving key industry problems. 

Health, Safety and Environment

"Managing our business to ensure no one gets hurt"

Orbis Asset Integrity Ltd’s approach to safety and the environment can be summed up in the following statements:

  • No one gets hurt
  • No environmental damage is acceptable
  • Nothing is more valuable than our employees' health and safety

Our customers can count on our safe work performance. We demand it of ourselves. And we work tirelessly to ensure that our people have the training and tools they need to make sure every day is a safe day.
Our employees are trained to identify and assess potential risks through a behavior-based safety process and communicate any concerns to management. Our goal is to achieve employee ownership and participation in the HSE continual improvement process. We give every employee the authority to stop a job at any time if work conditions are unsafe or harmful.

Our focus on quality operations management underpins our health, environmental and safety commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible, most efficient, incident-free service.
Orbis measures effectiveness of its HSE Management System through regular site safety audits, customer audits and regulatory audits. Management participates with employees in site safety audits and safety meetings  During these processes, employees and customers have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on continual improvement initiatives.

Orbis views safety as a value that is incorporated into every facet of the company's operation.
Orbis is committed to minimising it's effect on the environment and also protecting it by the use of Oxifree which is 100% environmentally friendly.  We are a complete ‘GREEN’ Company.
Orbis complies with it’s own policies, domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices.
Environmental management and HSE rules and regulations are fully recognised and acted upon. Every manager throughout the company has environmental responsibility and accountability.